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The 400th anniversary of the founding of the ‘English Church’ of St Thomas Becket provides a significant opportunity to celebrate many aspects both of relations between Hamburg and Britain and, from Hamburg’s perspective, the opening of the city to the world.

St Thomas Becket has a diverse and active congregation, reflecting the diversity of the Anglican Church and of modern Britain, but it is not financially strong. We hope the anniversary will inspire others, including the business community, to support us. After all, it was for the benefit of the business community that the English Church was founded in 1612.

What will the money be spent on?

Financing the 400th anniversary celebrations

A programme of events is planned to run throughout 2012, with activities ranging from concerts to dance, from art exhibitions to walks and talks, and of course we will need to publicise the celebrations.

We are keen to ensure the celebrations are inclusive. Today’s congregation represents the diversity of the Anglican Church and includes many nationalities who participate in the life of the church, including many Germans, too.

Securing the future of the church

It costs about €100,000 a year to finance the church building, chaplain’s salary, worship, mission and outreach. St Thomas Becket does not receive any money from the German church tax (Kirchensteuer) or any central funding from the Church of England. Operations are financed entirely by voluntary giving and occasional donations or bequests.

Supporting community projects

For 400 years, the English Church has benefited from Hamburg’s hospitality. We want to give something back to the people of the city. We are thinking of establishing a fund to provide micro grants for community projects rather than supporting one big charity.

How can I become a sponsor?

No sum is too small – or too large!

Opportunities for corporate sponsorship of the 400th anniversary range from underwriting the costs of an event or series of events, to sponsoring this website or other promotional activities. Individual donations are welcome, too, of course. We aim to set up a secure system for donating online as soon as possible. We will of course provide receipts for tax purposes (Spendenbescheinigung) for all donations, whether large or small.

For further information about supporting our very special birthday, please e-mail the organisation team at

Further information on how to donate please find here.

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