Donations to St Thomas Becket 400th Anniversary Fund

St Thomas Becket Church does not receive any funding from any other source than what members and friends give:  there is no grant from the Church of England and the church receives nothing from Kirchensteuer. Despite this the church is almost able to cover its running costs.  This is good except for the ‘almost’ – currently the church has to spend more than what comes in to cover operating costs.  This state of affairs cannot continue.  Therefore, for the 400th anniversary we are hoping there may be some birthday donations to cover the costs of the events (see also sponsors page) and to build up reserves. We also wish to put some money aside to be able to support community projects.

All donations large and small will be very welcome.

If you live in or around Hamburg, we invite you to consider making regular donations to the church, even if you do not come to church regularly.  For many English speaking people the existence of a full time Anglican Chaplain and church community is a source of comfort – we are there to offer support in times of difficulty.  But having a full time Chaplain means we have to have a regular income to pay his/her salary!

Click here to make a donation.